The Essentials

Check out these documents to ensure you are ready!

1. Follow this simple 10 Step Checklist to get ready for you first day of service!

2. Not sure what you need to purchase for your kitchen? Check out  Things to Buy for Your Kitchen to get your program fully equipped! 

3. Red Rabbit Calendar 

4. FAQs

Menu Resources

How to serve your meals

Secrets on how to get the most out of each delivery

1. You will be sent a Daily Delivery Invoice which indicates the meals and portion sizes your program receives every single day. 

2. Follow the Portioning Guidelines to know how much to serve your kids.

3. Re-heating Guide dependent on how you receive your food everyday

5. Supplies  - How to monitor your supplies weekly

6. Milk  - How to order milk 

Reimbursement Resources - Reach out to see if you qualify!

Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) 

CACFP Meal Pattern Requirements - Reach out to see if you qualify!

CACFP Final Rules

Child Care Serving Sizes

National School Lunch Program (NSLP)

NSLP Final Rules

NSLP Meal Pattern Requirements