Fall 2020 Open Safely

with easy, flexible, relevent meal plans

COVID Safety is Our Priority! 


As you take your first steps toward reopening, Red Rabbit wants to ensure that your kids are being nourished with safe, chef-prepared, culturally-relevant food while also remaining COVID-safe. We adhere to strict and extensive health and safety policies within our team, kitchen and delivery procedures and are prepared and energized to continue serving food safely this coming fall. Contact us today to learn more. 


Fall 2020: View our meal plans

Daily Meal Delivery Plan
Get safe, flexible, Chef-prepared meal deliveries delivered to your door.

Individually Packed
We do the heavy-lift and ensure your meals are safe, portable and easy to distribute.

Good To-Go Packs 
Support remote learning & staggered schedules with our fresh-made take home packs. 

Classroom Ready
Reduce touch points and save staff time with lunches organized by classroom.

Extra Safe, for Peace of Mind
Meals are delivered in sealed, recyclable single-use boxes for an added layer of safety.



The In-School Chef Plan
Get a culinary trained professional in your school to create a personalized experience for your community. 

On-site Chef
A professional chef leads the kitchen team in your school, and prepares healthy, culturally-relevant food.

Covid Safety Experts
We have become experts at maintaining COVID safety procedures and standards in all of our kitchens. Learn more here.

Dine in Classroom
Maintain social distancing guidelines by serving kids safely in the classroom instead of the cafeteria. 

Create a Custom Menu
Partner with your chef to curate the perfect menu for your school community.


Comfort & Consistency During COVID

Kids often find stability and structure at the lunchroom table. There is comfort in the consistency that comes with eating familiar food that’s balanced, considered, and crafted with love. So, as we navigate this new normal, Red Rabbit is dedicated to delivering that consistency with real, recognizable meals that you can feel great about every day. 

Take a look at our New Fall Menu Here


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