Breakfast Panzanella

If you really want to start the day off with a special treat then you've come to the right place. This delicious Breakfast Panzanella recipe combines all different kinds of berries, fresh peaches and thick slices of challah. First you need to make the batter to dip the challah into, then cook it up and mix together with fresh berries. If you add a little drizzle of honey to the top it makes this breakfast dish next level.

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No Cook Stuffing (Whole Wheat Panzanella Salad)

We cannot imagine a more fun and healthy way to eat your daily serving of veggies than with some home made sushi! Sushi originated in Southeast Asia as a method of keeping meats and fish from spoiling (although our sushi recipe is vegetarian, many other recipes contain some sort of meat or fish in its center). As sushi increases in popularity, chefs are becoming more creative with their combinations inside of the roll. Our recipe allows you to be the chef by choosing an assortment of colorful vegetables to include. Paired with soy sauce, it is bound to be delicious!

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