Pre-K For All (UPK)

Get our Pre-K for All Meals Delivered Today

We make it easy to get the ball rolling on school lunch. If you are a Head Start, daycare or pre-kindergarten program with more than 25 students, apply today to get Red Rabbit at your school in as little as two weeks.

When Mayor de Blasio announced the inception of Universal Pre-Kindergarten, we shared in the enthusiasm felt by all to know that even more children will have access to quality education -- and, with Red Rabbit’s help, fresh, whole food!

Our made-from-scratch breakfasts, lunches and snacks are prepared fresh in our Harlem kitchen every day. We provide great-tasting, kid-tested food that is free of preservatives or artificial flavorings. Whether you're looking for a tastier, healthier meal plan for your school or are setting up a new lunch program for your UPK, Red Rabbit takes the hassle out of food preparation and delivers peace of mind with each meal. Click here to view a sample menu.

Our meals are CACFP compliant and match the current federal reimbursement rates.

Get Red Rabbit for your Pre-K Program in Just 2 Weeks!

Successfully serving Pre-Kindergarten and Head Start programs since 2005!

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