How You Can Help

  1. Become a Distribution Site* - contact us
  2. Choose 5-Day Meal Pack to Limit Exposure
  3. Let Red Rabbit Staff Your Site
  4. Hand out Meals Directly from Our Refrigerated Trucks
  5. Move Quickly - Capacity is Limited
*If your organization participates in the NSLP, SSO, SFSP or CACFP program, you’re likely already approved to become a site and receive reimbursements. Contact us now.
Download Your Guide Here
Provide Supper Meals - After school programs play a critical role by providing supper meals for low-income kids. Contact us to get meals. 

Partner With Us - We provide the meals, and you can get them to people in need. This is a team effort. If you’re a non-profit, community organization or disaster relief, we can provide you with thousands of healthy made from scratch meals. 

Spread the Word - Distribution Sites

Red Rabbit has set up sites around the city to provide free breakfasts, lunches and suppers for any child under 18 years old. We need your help to get the word out. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out our current sites!


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**Per NYSED all School Food Authorities and districts in New York must have a plan to address serving meals to their students by 5pm on Thursday.**