Education Philosophy

Where kids experience real food.

Red Rabbit Education Programs cultivate confidence and curiosity with whole foods in a hands-on learning environment to help foster healthy relationships with food and the earth that last a lifetime. Our vision is to inspire an entire generation of healthy choosers--that is, kids who choose to eat healthy foods because they want to, not because they’re told to.

The Education Team adheres to core values about food in all of our programs. We believe that:

  • Whole foods--those that come from the earth and are minimally processed---are healthiest for our bodies

  • Experiential, hands-on opportunities with food is most successful and sustainable in affecting healthy eating behaviors in kids

  • A healthy, balanced meal is rich with whole-foods, plant-based, fresh, seasonal, and colorful, with no added sugar

  • Kids will eat—and enjoy— “adult” foods, especially when doing so in a safe, nurturing, and patient environment

Red Rabbit strives to achieve our vision while adhering to these core values by providing hands-on cooking and gardening programs for kids and families. Click here for more information on our educational offerings.

Want to Start a Food Lab for Your Program?

Education is better when it's  experiential. 

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