Red Rabbit Education Labs for all ages!

Every day, Red Rabbit's 20,000 meals get delivered to kids of all ages throughout New York City. This summer, Red Rabbit partnered with a group of adults to bring them the same made-from-scratch lessons that our Education team normally brings to our kiddos.

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Introducing Organic Purple Corn Flakes!

3 things about Red Rabbit’s newest cereal ...

We're excited to announced our newest partnership with Back to the Roots - look out for their Organic Purple Corn Flakes on your breakfast menu soon. Here's a little more about the cereal:

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Our Favorite Cooking Tips

This spring is all about tips, and in this week's blog, we've compiled our favorite cooking tips, secrets and cost saving ideas. Whether it's buying pre peeled garlic or freezing your own tomato sauce over the summer to use all year long, the home cook has her secrets. We asked the Red Rabbit staff to share their favorite tips.  Read on to save time and money when cooking for your family.

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Cooking Family Meals on a Budget: Latin Style Rice & Beans

Whether you're a family of two, four or eight, cooking family meals on a budget  is most likely something you spend time thinking about. Following our popular series, Cooking on a Budget of $25 or Less, we'll be sharing budget friendly recipes and tips all spring long.

Our tip this month:  Use a pantry staple you already have on hand for your recipe's base. This can be a legume, like a bean or lentil, a grain, like a pasta or noodle, or, one of the friendliest pantry staples - rice. Brown, white, jasmine and wild are just a few of our favorites. This week, we're sharing our special recipe for Spanish Style Rice & Beans, which gets its pack of flavor from our homemade sofrito. Sofrito is a base used in many Latin dishes, made with peppers, cilantros and spices. We've shared ours below. We suggest doubling this recipe and inviting your abuelos over for dinner. !Buen Provecho!

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Rice & Beans For the Soul

Every recipe has a story, and our Rice & Beans is no exception.  At Red Rabbit, we soak red kidney beans overnight, add our homemade green and red pepper sofrito and season with cumin and tomato paste, served with a side of mashed plantains and kale. 

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What Does an "Organic" Label Mean?

Once upon a time, buying an apple was easy. It didn’t require much thought beyond, “I’m hungry. I’d like to buy an apple. Here’s one! It looks good – no bumps or mushy brown spots.” Money was exchanged for the sweet, crunchy, nutritious prize, and we went about our day with full, grateful tummies.

Yet, thanks to generations of pesticides, bioengineering and synthetics, a food transaction today comes with significantly more food for thought, and carries with it the possibility for considerably more confusion as to what is “conventional” and what is “organic.”

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid During Your Audit

If you're like most people, you dread an audit, and for good reason. Failing an audit by the New York State Education Department (NYSED)  can cost your school thousands in fines and hours of headaches tracking down missing paperwork. We're here to help you get ahead of your audit.

Our guest blogger and expert on audits is Emily Chatelain, the Founder of the School Food and Wellness Group. Emily helps schools with everything from becoming a School Food Authority, to managing paperwork and preparing for audits. Here, Emily shares the top five mistakes she has observed during charter school  audits in the NSLP program, and what schools can do to better prepare themselves. 

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Flu Fighters!

In case you haven’t noticed - winter is here!

We could be fans of cold temperatures, or prefer the heat of summer - but this frigid season is fully underway whether we prefer it or not!  While it has its share of unique and fun, calorie-burning activities (sledding, skiing, snowboarding; and, in the case of New Yorkers, simply traversing the sidewalks after a snowstorm), winter also tends to come accompanied by a familiar foe: influenza, or, the flu.  

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5 Ways to Cut Costs on School Food

Are school meals one of your highest budget lines? After salaries,  school principals report that their food budget is often the most important line item on their agenda.  Whether you are cooking on site or contracting with an outside company or restaurant, we've got some tips to help you shave some zeros off your monthly bill.

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2017 Red Rabbit Gift Guide for The Techie, The Plant Lover & The Cook

The urban techie, the organic baker, the plant nerd. No, we're not rewriting The Breakfast Club for 2017. We've compiled a gift guide for all the unique people in your life! Check out our gift suggestions for co-workers, neighbors and friends, all based on specific interests and the gifts and gadgets we know they'll love. 

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Red Rabbit Gift Guide: Ideas for Tots, Teachers & Foodies

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for your food curious toddler or a housewarming present for the family next door, we've got you covered. Check out Red Rabbit's holiday gift guide for creative gift ideas for kids, teachers and lovers of good food.

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Eating Local this Fall

Autumn in New York is an exciting and rewarding time to be a fruit and vegetable lover.  

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Employee Spotlight: Corey Forde


At the Red Rabbit Harlem kitchen, we prepare over 20,000 meals every day. But before our meals are baked, grilled and packaged, we start with fresh, simple ingredients. A whole lot of them.

Meet the man in charge of procuring all the ingredients that make up each Red Rabbit meal, Red Rabbit's Inventory Specialist, Corey Forde.

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What's In Season: Peppers

This time of year, a stroll through your local farmer’s market will be overflowing with peppers of every color. At Red Rabbit, we use peppers in one of our most popular made from scratch dishes- our Chicken Cacciatore.

Read on for some more facts about this seasonal and colorful vegetable, including how to pick one that won't burn your mouth!

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5 Tips for a Healthy Start to the School Year

The summer season is winding down and parents and educators are getting ready for Back-to-School season. Here at Red Rabbit, we make sure that our kids are healthy everyday by providing them with nutritious foods made with whole, fresh ingredients everyday. Keeping your children healthy at the start of a new school year doesn't have to be difficult. Check out these 5 simple tips to start the school year right.

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Employee Spotlight: Cristian


Meet Cristian, Red Rabbit's Assistant Kitchen Supervisor. Cristian helps oversee our prep cook and bakery teams to ensure our recipes are delicious and kid approved every day. Originally from Ecuador, his time in New York inspired a love for Italian food, especially mozzarella. Read on to hear more.

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The Ultimate Summer Guide for Kids in NYC

At Red Rabbit, we strongly believe that teaching kids where their food comes from and how it is grown is key to helping kids make better food choices. Suddenly, kale goes from being another strange-looking green leaf to something they remember harvesting at their local community garden, making it far more familiar and appealing.

With summer right around the corner, we're looking forward to the bounty of local fruits and vegetables coming into season as well as the many fun outdoor events and educational programming hosted in New York City. Read on for our pick of kid-friendly, food and garden related events and days out, in and around NYC this summer.

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Employee Spotlight: Pamela & Berna

In honor of Mother's Day earlier this month, we're featuring a mother-daughter pair for this month's employee spotlight. Burna and her daughter Pamela work in our bakery and are responsible for cooking up the delectable cheddar scones, biscuits and muffins that are sent out to our schools each day. Made from scratch, with love and among family, it's no wonder this baking duo is beloved by all the Red Rabbit staff.

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How Red Rabbit Recycles

Each day, we prepare and deliver over 20,000 made from scratch breakfasts, lunches, snacks and suppers. That's 20,000 servings of freshly chopped produce and all the rinds, peels and seeds that come with serving fresh foods. Last year, we conducted an audit of our company practices around waste management in our kitchen. Our goal was to track how much organic and non organic waste our kitchen produced daily, so we could implement more sustainable methods for waste management. In honor of Earth Day, we'd like to share our findings with you as we get one step closer to our goal of becoming a Zero Waste to Landfill facility.

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The Red Rabbit Guide to School Composting

We're participating in the Earth Day celebrations by committing to composting, recycling and reducing the waste that we produce in our Harlem kitchen. At Red Rabbit, all of our organic waste is composted daily. Composting involves recycling organic materials, such as food scraps, paper, leaves and branches, by encouraging decomposers to break them down in a controlled environment. When they're done, they leave a fertile soil that can be used in local farms, school gardens or classroom plantings. Read on for ways that you can start a composting program in your school, community garden or neighborhood.

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