New Dishes Fresh From the Kitchen

Our Chefs (Calvin, Nick, Liliana, Corey and Josh) have been keeping our kitchen warm this winter imagining, testing, crafting, measuring and cooking up some creative new dishes. Check out the highlights below!

Challah_cheeseClassic Challah Grilled Cheese -  We are delighted to bring a twist to the Classic Grilled Cheese! By melting Cheddar Cheese on thick Challah slices, we think this sandwich will be a surefire hit - and perfect to dunk into our Creamy Tomato soup, made daily and chock full of whole tomatoes!

Spinach and Cheese Lasagna- Made by the same team that brought you our beloved Eggplant Parmesan, this Italian inspired lasagna packs fresh spinach and a homemade pink sauce, layered over 3 cheese trio of Ricotta, Parmesan and Mozzarella. We've also added fresh onions, garlic and basil to give a punch of fresh flavor and zest!

Chicken Al Pastor Tacos-  History Lesson Alert! When Lebanese immigrants brought their spit-grilled 20120501-204377-tacos-al-pastor-smallmeat with them to central Mexico, it was adapted with classic Mexican spices... the result is Al Pastor style tacos. Our recipe starts with fire roasted ancho chilies, sauteed with onions, and garlic and reduced down to a delicious paste. We then add stewed tomatoes, cumin, cinnamon, curry and a dash of soy sauce to make the perfect taco seasoning for our all natural chicken breasts. Topped off with pineapple and cilantro - these tacos are soon to be a Red Rabbit top contender!

Cheddar Omelette- Our chefs start with freshly cracked whole eggs and fresh cheddar cheese to create a delicious and savory omelette, perfect for breakfast for lunch! We'll be serving up our rustic home-fries and Parker House Rolls from Hot Bread Kitchen to round out this delicious breakfast for lunch dish!

Chicken and Waffles- Last December we asked each of you to fill out a survey, and the most requested dish was chicken tenders! Our baked chicken bites are back, with a newly approved recipe.  The secret to keeping these bites tender? Marinating them in yogurt! We roll them in panko breadcrumbs and bake them in our enormous rotating oven at 400 degrees. The yogurt keeps the chicken moist, and we never have to fry them. We are serving these up in a classic southern style atop our whole wheat cheddar waffles.

Beef Burrito Bowl Build your kids the perfect power lunch, packed with protein and flavor for their afternoon activities. Freshly ground beef, seasoned to perfection can be layered on top of a bed of Spanish rice, while our Pico de Gallo adds an additional punch of flavor and texture.


We love to hear how the kids are enjoying the food, and we're open to your feedback after they've tried each item a couple of times! 

Let us know what you think about these new menu additions and what you're most excited for. If you need your own at home cooking ideas, check out our Recipe page for inspiration.

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