5 Common Mistakes to Avoid During Your Audit

If you're like most people, you dread an audit, and for good reason. Failing an audit by the New York State Education Department (NYSED)  can cost your school thousands in fines and hours of headaches tracking down missing paperwork. We're here to help you get ahead of your audit.

Our guest blogger and expert on audits is Emily Chatelain, the Founder of the School Food and Wellness Group. Emily helps schools with everything from becoming a School Food Authority, to managing paperwork and preparing for audits. Here, Emily shares the top five mistakes she has observed during charter school  audits in the NSLP program, and what schools can do to better prepare themselves. 

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5 Ways to Cut Costs on School Food

Are school meals one of your highest budget lines? After salaries,  school principals report that their food budget is often the most important line item on their agenda.  Whether you are cooking on site or contracting with an outside company or restaurant, we've got some tips to help you shave some zeros off your monthly bill.

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The Truth Behind 100% Fruit Juice

During former Mayor Bloomberg's twelve year term in New York City, from 2002-2014, we saw all calorie counts posted at fast food restaurants, decreased sodium levels in processed foods and even a proposed ban on sodas larger than 16 oz. Despite these efforts to improve the health of New Yorkers, adults in New York City diagnosed with diabetes went up from 8% in 2002 to nearly 11% in 2013. This disappointing statistic reminds us we still have a lot more work to do in the fight against obesity and in creating healthy futures for our children and their families.

While recent campaigns have made us well aware of the excess calories, sugar and link to childhood obesity that stem from high consumption of soda among children, you might be surprised to find that there's another drink that contains almost as much sugar and is beloved in many homes and classrooms.

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Day in the Life of Red Rabbit: Meet Chef Marisa!

This week we are proud to feature our Red Rabbit family, our very own Chef Marisa Wiker! Chef Marisa is one of our many talented cooks here at Red Rabbit. We sat down with Chef Marisa to find out a little bit more about how she became a chef, what she loves to cook, and her mother’s rule of thumb at meal time.

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Child Nutrition Reauthorization: Keeping Good Nutrition GOOD

The #ThanksMichelleObama hashtag made famous by schoolchildren all over social media may have been heavier on the sarcasm than the sincerity, but many of us at Red Rabbit have been in support of the higher nutritional standards for school food, and our meals have managed to stay tasty even while adhering to the higher standards - so it IS possible!

With 23% of New York City children from food-insecure households depending upon school lunches to provide them with at least one nutritious meal each day, the need for strong food standards is less politics, and more dietetics. Why, then, do our food assistance programs continue to find themselves held hostage throughout the legislative process? Shouldn’t the health of our children and the strength of our families be more important than partisan squabbles across the aisles of Congress? What is in store for school food and Child Nutrition Reauthorization (CNR) in 2015?

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