Flu Fighters!

In case you haven’t noticed - winter is here!

We could be fans of cold temperatures, or prefer the heat of summer - but this frigid season is fully underway whether we prefer it or not!  While it has its share of unique and fun, calorie-burning activities (sledding, skiing, snowboarding; and, in the case of New Yorkers, simply traversing the sidewalks after a snowstorm), winter also tends to come accompanied by a familiar foe: influenza, or, the flu.  

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Why Fresh Is Best

We've all heard the benefits of purchasing locally grown and seasonal produce, while limiting our spending on processed and packaged foods.

At Red Rabbit, we adhere to the belief that fresh food tastes better and is better for us, which is why we use whole foods in all of our made from scratch meals. But why are whole, fresh foods actually better for us, and what's the harm in overly processed foods? Read on as we investigate the answers to these questions.

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