Introducing Organic Purple Corn Flakes!

3 things about Red Rabbit’s newest cereal ...

We're excited to announced our newest partnership with Back to the Roots - look out for their Organic Purple Corn Flakes on your breakfast menu soon. Here's a little more about the cereal:

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Employee Spotlight: Valerie Collins

Each month, we'll highlight one of the many incredible employees at Red Rabbit that help spread our mission of bringing healthy, made from scratch meals to schools.

Meet Val, the Operations and Service Associate at Red Rabbit. If you've ever called the Red Rabbit office, you've most likely spoken to Val, who is the voice of our help line from 7 am - 3 pm each day. Born and raised in NYC, Val is a full time mom and college student majoring in Business Management. Read our interview with her to find out how she got her start at Red Rabbit and how she got her nickname.

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Why Fresh Is Best

We've all heard the benefits of purchasing locally grown and seasonal produce, while limiting our spending on processed and packaged foods.

At Red Rabbit, we adhere to the belief that fresh food tastes better and is better for us, which is why we use whole foods in all of our made from scratch meals. But why are whole, fresh foods actually better for us, and what's the harm in overly processed foods? Read on as we investigate the answers to these questions.

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Fall Harvest, 3 Sisters Tacos Recipe

Autumn in New York is an exciting and rewarding time to be a fruit and vegetable lover. As Grow NYC’sWhat's Available chart demonstrates, fall months offer New Yorkers an incredible variety of available produce.

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