Veggie of the Month: Sweet Potato


The Sweet Potato, a naturally sweet treat!

Simply prepared—mashed, baked, folded into waffles, or made into gluten-free baked fries—sweet potatoes are a nourishing addition to any meal. Sweet potato flesh and skins can come in different colors—white, yellow, orange, red, and purple. 

Is it a Yam or a Sweet Potato?

You may have heard there’s a difference between sweet potatoes and yams. This is true. The difference is sweet potatoes are a root vegetable, whereas yams are tubers—a thickened part of the stem. 
In some parts of our country, "yam" is a slang word for the sweet potato! This preference may have stemmed from a shift when Southern farmers wanted to distinguish between their sweet potatoes and the more well-known varieties of the day. The word Yam actually became trademarked in associated with Southern sweet potato varieties that were orange, soft and sweet. 

Veggie of the Month Resources for Parents and Teachers 

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1) Take Root!

Need additional resourses to introduce root vegetables? Check out our not to miss Root Veg Talking Points.

 2) Play A Little!

Download our  Winter Coloring Book,  which includes beautiful hand drawn images of root vegetables, for all ages to use their imagination!


 Sweet Potato Waffles    





 Sweet Potato Fries 





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