Exciting Spring Menu Updates

Our chefs have been very busy in the kitchen coming up with new additions and we're so excited to share these with all of our hungry kids. We're bringing in new flavors and a bit of interactivity  for the spring season based on our schools' feedback and our chefs' imaginations. Read on to learn more about what you can expect to see on our upcoming menus. 

Teriyaki Chicken -  A mouthwatering, savory Asian inspired twist on our classic chicken dishes with notes of garlic, ginger, and citrus in a soy sauce glaze served with brown rice. 

Broccoli & Cheddar Bites -  A delicious, cheesy snack baked fresh  in our bakery and packed with broccoli (our Veggie of the Month) and shredded cheddar cheese. For extra ooey-gooeyness pop these in the oven for a few minutes! 

Ranch Chicken Salad - A delicious new cold lunch item bringing together  our zesty homemade ranchBarbecue-Ranch-Chicken-Salad-3 dressing  with chicken on a Parker House Roll from Hot Bread Kitchen.  

Build Your Own Nachos -  An automatic crowd pleaser, we invite our kids to pile  fresh corn tortilla chips with cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, and black beans for a nacho mountain full of flavor. The nachos taste best when the black beans are warmed up to give the dish that extra element. 

Turkey & Cheddar Melt- An exciting sandwich coming out just in time for the spring! Our hand pulled turkey breast combined with melty cheddar creates the perfect  pairing. When you bite into the toasted bread with melted cheese you'll see why our chefs are so excited about this item.  

cous cousIsraeli Cous Cous -  We're all about exploring new food from around the world so we're bringing a new grain to your menus to accompany our Pesto Chicken.  Made from wheat flour and semolina, this couscous has a ball-like shape and is toasted, and then cooked on the stove in our kitchen  and plated. We know the kids love our pastas and rices so we can't wait to start plating this new item! 

Let us know what you think about these new menu additions and what you're most excited for. If you need your own at home cooking ideas, check out our Recipe page for inspiration and please always remember to continue to give feedback on our Menu Survey so we can keep refreshing our menus!

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