10 Facts You May Not Know About Red Rabbit!


As business with a social mission (ie: helping to grow healthy kids), we tend to talk a lot about why we love Red Rabbit! And we realized  our favorite people (you!) may want a refresher on what makes us so special. So we've compiled a list of the most exciting facts about our food, our culture and our mission all submitted by our team. So, the next time your parents and families ask why you chose Red Rabbit you'll be well equipped for the discussion!


Top 10 Facts You Might Not Know About Red Rabbit

  1. We have a six-phase recipe development process, vetting every step from taste and temperature to transportation. - Liliana  (Kitchen Manager)
  2. Our salad dressings, ketchup, BBQ sauce and more are all made from scratch in our kitchen every day! Kristina (Senior Account Manager)
  3. Our chefs arrive at 3am to get the water boiling and preheat the ovens in time for lunch, and then work around the clock, only shutting down for 20 hours/week). Yoni (Kitchen Manager) and Chris (Building Operations Manager)
  4. Our staff eat the food everyday! Diana (Chief of Staff)
  5. 40% of elementary school kids in NYC are overweight. We have absolutely no added sugar in any of our vegetables or fruit (or in 90% of our lunch entrees). Jackie (COO)
  6. In 10 days, we cut enough carrots to be as tall as the Empire State Building! In one month, we cut enough tomatoes to equal the weight of a car.  Max (Operations Associate)
  7. We only have one house-hold sized freezer, which is used only to store corn and peas. Reggie (Inventory Specialist)
  8. Our menus are created by a culinary team to include and reflect the diversity of New York City, broadening palettes, and foster adventurous young eaters. Ariel (Customer Experience Associate)
  9. We source our ingredients from the best providers possible: Common Market brings farm-fresh fruits & vegetables, London Meats provides hormone-free grass-fed beef, and Hot Bread Kitchen supplies our Whole Wheat Parker House Rolls. Calvin (Kitchen Manager)

  10. Absolutely everything we send out (other than dried pastas, and some of our breads and cereals) are made from whole foods right here in Harlem by humans that care. Nikali (VP Operations)

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