Red Rabbit Education Labs for all ages!

JCC Adaptations 2.jpgEvery day, Red Rabbit's 20,000 meals get delivered to kids of all ages throughout New York City. This summer, Red Rabbit partnered with a group of adults to bring them the same made-from-scratch lessons that our Education team normally brings to our kiddos.

The Adaptations program, a community of highly independent adults  with developmental and/or learning disabilities, has teamed up with us the past few months to build their cooking skills. Our monthly nutritious cooking labs provide a learner centered environment for people of all backgrounds to experience how to prepare tasty meals made from whole foods. Together, we build confidence, foster independence, teach new skills, and deepen connections to each other in our community.  JCC Adaptations 3.jpg

This week, our guest chefs are cooking Panzanella, a delicious Italian bread and vegetable salad that’s always a crowd pleaser. Our friends in the Adaptation program have also made Vegetarian Chili and Rainbow Quesadilla where they've learned to slice, dice, grate, peel and mix all ingredients by hand.

Interested in bringing an education lab to your program? Read more about our Food Labs to sign up!


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