Eat Like American Royalty With These Presidential Favorites

This Monday is a time for celebration - not only because many kids and parents have the day off, but also because it is a chance to remember some of America’s great leaders. President’s Day was originally established in 1885 to celebrate the birthday of our first president, George Washington but has since expanded to include all of our presidents. From introducing waffles to the National School Lunch Act in 1946, we know that presidents are connected to food! 

Cue the confetti and check out some interesting facts as we celebrate with a menu of presidential plates!

Breakfast: Thomas Jefferson 

Thomas Jefferson.jpeg     waffles.jpeg

It’s important to fuel your day, and Thomas Jefferson was no stranger to a filling breakfast to help him along with all of his founding father duties. Jefferson returned from France where he served as foreign minister with a suitcase full of waffle irons in 1789 and the United States has been enjoying them ever since! Try starting your day off with a batch of our Sweet Potato Waffles.

Lunch: George H.W. Bush

bush.jpg     broc.jpeg

So technically this is not a presidential favorite (Bush Sr. was not team broccoli), but his wife Barbara was a cheerleader for broccoli. He once said in a press conference that, “For the broccoli vote out there, Barbara loves broccoli”. Make this veggie even tastier with a lunch of Broccoli Bites.

Dinner: Barack Obama 

Obama.jpeg     Chili.jpeg

End the day of first family festivities with a hearty meal from one of the White Houses healthiest clan. The Obamas are known for their healthy eating initiatives and even kept an extensive vegetable garden at the country’s capital. When they want a little more than their go-to chips and guacamole, they whip up a batch of their chili. The Obama’s recipe includes ground turkey, but we have a vegetarian friendly recipe too!


Our list of presidential all-stars would not be complete without one of our favorites - Kid President! Listen below to hear what he and other American teens think makes a great leader for our country:

Kid President.png

Kid President Asks "What Makes An Awesome Leader?"


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