Partner Spotlight: Central Brooklyn Ascend Middle School

It is time to bring back yet another Red Rabbit tradition, and put the spotlight on one of our own! Red Rabbit serves such a wide variety of schools, daycare centers, after school programs, and more, so we thought it would be fun for our expansive community to get to know each other a little better. For this first Partner Spotlight, we spoke with one of our charter schools in Brooklyn - Central Brooklyn Ascend Charter Middle School. Ms. Susan Swan, our partner in crime at CBAMS, shared some school and personal favorites, and even has a tip or two for other Red Rabbit partners! Check out this great interview!

1. What kind of school is your school?

Ms. Swan: We are a charter school in Brooklyn. There is a lower school right next door, who also used Red Rabbit, and we are the middle school.

2. What Red Rabbit meal is post popular with your students?

Ms. Swan: Cheesy Foccacia - because I put the sauce over the bread, add a little seasoning, and then put it in the warmer. It’s like pizza, and they love it! They also really love the home fries, as well as the Red Rabbit Burgers and the Three Cheese Rigatoni.

3. What is your best pro-tip for other schools who receive meals from Red Rabbit?

Ms. Swan: I would say, knowing if you need to alter the food heating it up and serving it. For example, adding water to certain meals before putting them in the warmer to make sure they are moist, and adding extra flavoring/seasoning to certain dishes to get the flavor up. Kids today, especially in Brooklyn and at my school, are used to eating food with lots of flavor. So, if the food is too bland, the kids here might not eat it. That’s what makes us unique - I know each kid, what they like, and where they come from, so I know how to get them to eat the food. It is so important to know the kids you serve, and how they eat! And add water to the pasta and macaroni - it helps so much!

4. What is your favorite vegetable, and why?

Ms. Swan: Broccoli! It is something I know from home, but I love it when it is cooked just right - a little bit crunchy!

5. What’s your favorite thing to cook at home?

Ms. Swan: Rice with many colors - vegetable rice. I also love to cook stew chicken, and macaroni pie with carrots and peppers is another favorite. Macaroni pie is a traditional dish in Trinidad, and I make their version, and then add peppers, carrots, and onions for more color and flavor - it's delicious! I actually cook a lot!

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