Red Rabbit & Hot Bread Kitchen Partnership

Harlem has always been home for Red Rabbit and over the years we've established deep roots withinHBK-primarylogo2018 (1) the community.  From partnering with the New York City Food Policy team at Hunter College to the Union Settlement of East Harlem, there are so many individuals creating exciting opportunities for the people of  Harlem.  Among these businesses putting community first is Hot Bread Kitchen - a loyal, reliable, and delicious partner of ours for the last several years. 

With a kitchen only a few short blocks from us, Hot Bread Kitchen provides Red Rabbit with fresh bread HBK-Lutfunnessa-PhotoByJenniferMaythat we deliver daily to our partners all over New York City. Hot Bread Kitchen is a nonprofit social enterprise that creates economic opportunity through careers in food by training women from around the world, incubating food businesses and creating jobs in urban areas. Their mission is to seek an end  to economic insecurity through fair wage jobs that celebrate diversity, culinary innovation and tradition. Red Rabbit is a  prime beneficiary of the culinary program that Hot Bread Kitchen has built as their baked goods are now staples on our menus.

Some crowd favorites include:

  •  Parker House Rolls These soft, fluffy rolls are the perfect vehicle to soak up the delicious Screenshot 2018-10-31 at 2.49.12 PMjuices of saucy menu items such as the BBQ Pulled Turkey or Turkey Sloppy Joes. They contain  a few simple ingredients: whole wheat flour, cage free eggs, canola oil, filtered water, NY State honey, sugar, sea salt, and yeast. 
  • Whole Wheat Buns These are the buns paired with  Red Rabbit Hamburgers which come with lettuce tomato and  sweet potato wedges. While these buns are off the market for the general public, HBK continues to provide them to Red Rabbit.
  • Moroccan M'smen Bread A new addition to the Local, Organic menu - HBK-Msmenthis bread is hand stretched, sprinkled with semolina, folded and stretched again before cooking on a hot, flat top.  This buttery rich bread accompanies the grilled chicken salad with feta and fresh tomatoes.
  • Challah Bread  Made with whole wheat flour, cage free eggs, canola oil, filtered water, NY State honey, sugar, sea salt, yeast, this bread is used for grilled cheese sandwiches and comes with tomato soup.
  • Focaccia Bread  Recently added to our new winter menu features, we use this bread in our Cheesy Focaccia with marinara dipping sauce.

Red Rabbit is mission aligned with Hot Bread Kitchen as  both work  to elevate the Harlem community while producing thoughtful and delicious food for the larger community of New York City. We will continue to explore our partnership through the incorporation of new baked goods as well as creating career opportunities for culinary trained women from all over the world. 

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