Introducing Organic Purple Corn Flakes!

3 things about Red Rabbit’s newest cereal ...

We're excited to announced our newest partnership with Back to the Roots - look out for their Organic Purple Corn Flakes on your breakfast menu soon. Here's a little more about the cereal:

BTR Bowl of Cereal.jpg


  • Also known as Hopi Maize, blue corn is packed with 20 percent more protein than white corn typically used in breakfast cereals.
  • Eating protein at breakfast slows down the absorption of carbohydrates and keeps blood sugar levels steady throughout the day.
  • The milk turns purple, and we think that's cool!


  • The nation's 1st Certified Biodynamic® breakfast cereal—using regenerative agriculture to bring vitality back to the farm and incredible flavor & nutrition to your bowl.
  • One of the main differences between organic and biodynamic is that biodynamic farming uses practices that add vitality to the plant, soil and/or livestock, whereas traditional farming typically deteriorates the soil.


  • Only 3 whole food ingredients
  • 100% organic, non-gmo purple corn from Minnesota
  • Organic cane sugar from Florida
  • Sea salt from the San Francisco Bay 

BTR Ingredients.jpg

To learn more about the cereal, check out this video: Back to the Roots Purple Corn Flakes

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