New Lunch Items - November 2019

This weekend, we'll all be pushing our clocks back - a sign of shorter days and colder months ahead... but please don't fret! We aren't transitioning away from fall just yet - and have some exciting new dishes to keep you warm and remembering the autumn leaves all winter long. Check out our lunch features this season, and find out how to decide if you are on team cauliflower or team butternut squash to ensure your favorite dishes stick around!


Roasted Turkey Lunch - Our Thanksgiving dinner is back - just in time for November. Pulled turkey turkeytopped with our homemade vegetarian gravy (packed with oodles of roasted vegetables including grated carrots) is served with our bright and fresh homemade cranberry sauce. You won’t find any of your grandmother's jello looking "rings out of the can" in this version - we are whipping it up from scratch with just three ingredients.

Heating Tips: Set the oven at 325 and bake for ~30 minutes. Covering the turkey with foil before putting it in the oven will help it retain the moisture of the gravy - just be sure to give it a good stir before bringing to the table! Serve with cold cranberry sauce on the side, and roast the veggies to your desired tenderness.

Bean and Cheese Quesadilla - Back by popular demand, we’ve modified the ingredients in a classic quesadilla to include pinto beans and shredded cheddar cheese! Layered on a whole wheat tortilla - and served with one of our new favorite sides... it's sure to have the kids full of plant based protein energy.

Heating tips: If you have access to a skillet or flat top, throw these on a pan for a few minutes on each side... and voila! If you are heating in the oven,  we recommend keeping the top on the pan for as long as possible to keep the tortillas from drying out. Another trick we like is to fill a pan full of water and leave it in your oven while these bake to add some moisture to the air in the oven.

Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese - In every family, there are the staples that make fambutternutsquash Red Rabbitily dinner into family traditions. For Red Rabbit - this has always been our Cauliflower Mac and Cheese. For nearly 15 years - this menu item has not taken a single day off... but guess what? That run is over! After testing and retesting new ideas for our mac and cheese - we are finally giving it a well deserved season off. Instead of roasting cauliflower to thicken our sauce this season- we have a limited edition version bringing in butternut squash! Adding a hint of sweetness, some nice texture and still packing in some cheesy goodness, this version will have a new flavor profile in addition to a different look. Hate change? Make sure to let us know if you are on team cauliflower or team butternut squash.  The dish with more feedback will win a reappearance on our spring menu!

Heating tips: Preheat oven to 350. Roast for ~45-60 minutes. If you like a little crunch - remove the top and turn the heat up for the final 10 minutes.


Roasted Butternut Squash (w/ Rosemary) -   When we think of cold winter afternoons - nothing warms our soul more than a slow roasted meal, and the smell of fresh herbs in the oven, and that's exactly what you will get with this new side. You'll find fresh cubes of squash, slow roasted in our 12 shelf rotating oven, and seasoned perfectly with fresh herbs. Whether you like them mushy or firm - there is a cube for you! (And as a side note - you should see how quickly our chefs can butcher an 8 lb squash into cubes of deliciousness).

3 Bean Salad -  Hear us out... you might be imagining one of those giant tubs of prepackaged 3 Bean Salad from the picnics of the past. This is NOT your grandmother's 3 Bean Salad. We repeat - give this salad a shot! The three beans featured this season will be cannellini beans, kidney beans, and garbanzo beans, but the secret is ultimately in the sauce. A little creamy, a little tangy, and perfectly rounded with herbs. Whether your kids eat it with a fork, our pick off each bean individually - we have lots of tips on how to remind your students that beans are seeds! (Which are actually baby plants :)).

We want to hear what you think of these items - so once you give them a try and please give us your feedback here!

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