New Breakfast and Snack Items this Fall

Welcome back to school! Our test kitchens have been abuzz all summer, crafting each and every item and working with our chefs and experts to create new flavors for your kids to try.


Apple Cinnamon Muffins -  Over the summer, our in house bakery has taken the classic Red Rabbit muffin - and dipped it in "Fall." Similar to our pumpkin muffins, these treats have whole chunks of freshly grated apples and ground cinnamon, resulting in both a moist texture and the taste of apple in each bite. One thing that makes them different from our usual muffins is the sprinkling of oats on the top for a bit of a crunch.  We love the way the bakery smells when these are in the oven! One bite and you'll be transported to the Hudson Valley's apple orchards! 

Banana Strawberry "Smoothie" - One of the core aspects of our food philosophy is limiting added sugars, while still providing your kids with the sweetness they crave.  This snack does just the trick blending fresh bananas, strawberries and applesauce to create a delicious smoothie that is refreshing and the perfect balance of tart and sweet.  We suggest serving this up in a cup so your kids can slurp them down.

Curry Socca Bread -   Drumroll please! We're thrilled to launch our Curry Socca bread. What's Socca you ask? It's a savory Chickpea flapjack - made from Chickpea flour and typically cooked on a hot skillet to get a delicious, crisp exterior.  Our version of this savory bread has a hint of curry and dried spices added to give it a new flavor for your kids to try. 

Tropical Applesauce-  Just because summer is in our rearview mirror, doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the feeling of tropical breezes while school is in session!  Freshly sliced pineapples are pulsed into some applesauce (with no added sugar!) which is sure to give your kids a flashback to the lazy days of summer.


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