Employee Spotlight: Ariel Bernstein

20190912_193254 Ariel is our customer EXPERIENCE associate, and if you communicate to our help team, you may end up speaking to just her!

Meet Ariel!  We are thrilled to introduce you to Ariel Bernstein who joined our Customer Experience team this Fall. After completing her master's degree in Food Policy at NYU, and working with students at the Youth Market at Grow NYC,  she's  jumped right in,   and is excited to provide delicious, made - from - scratch meals to kids all around the city every day! 

First off, where are you from?

I was born and raised in sunny LA, California! I lived in the South for a few years to attend college in New Orleans, and then moved to the Big Apple, where I received my Masters in Food Studies from New York University.

Where were you most recently?

I came from Grow NYC, where I was managing a Youth Market. Grow NYC has a lot of programs (you may have stopped by their Union Square market), but my program managed more than a dozen farm stands across the 5 boroughs. Through Grow NYC, farmers from a variety of regions and sizes are able to connect with New Yorkers, who in turn can access seasonal, fresh produce at their local farmer's market. 

Wow! You must love fruits and vegetables in that case - what's your favorite season for food? 

Mid summer is a great time of the year. Probably because cherries are in season, but tomatoes grown in the field as well as in the greenhouse are ready to be eaten during a brief window, which is the middle of July! 

What's your favorite fruit and vegetable? 

As far as vegetables go, spinach is one of my favorites. A simple spring mix salad is something I really enjoy. And for fruits - it's definitely blueberries. In general I would describe my eating habits as "veg-forward" - although I'd always choose fruits over vegetables.

Luckily, we at Red Rabbit love veggies too! If you were stuck on a desert island, what 3 foods would you bring? 

  1. My spring mix salad .... maybe with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast!
  2. Fresh Pasta
  3. Sharp Cheddar Cheese   

What's your favorite thing about working at Red Rabbit so far?

The work environment is very fast paced and dynamic, and getting to enjoy Red Rabbit meals doesn't hurt either!

What is your favorite Red Rabbit food?

Our Creamy Tomato Soup!  

Last Question: tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I'm a retired professional tap dancer! I've been tapping since I was a kid and even traveled across the South to perform with a dance company.

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