A note from our founder.

Hi All,

It has taken me some time to process the recent events. I hope that you’re ok. We’ve all had a traumatic few days on top of a traumatic few months. Here at Red Rabbit, we are surviving… surviving as our communities have done for so long. 

The fight for social justice and equality has defined too many of our generations. I am exhausted by the familiarity of this experience, and I shudder at the thought that the next generation will inherit this burden. 

As we start the healing process, I want to send a message to all our school partners. The Red Rabbit team is here in the community with you. We will continue to cook food with dignity for your students. We will continue to love ourselves and hold our heads high. We will continue to treat you, our partners, with respect and most of all, we will continue to hug and nurture the beautiful children we serve. 

Thank you for all you do. Stay strong and stay safe.

Rhys Powell
Founder, CEO


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