Healthy Holiday Cookies

December is the season for celebrating with food, family and community! With the upcoming work, school and familiy holiday parties, it's likely that you will be enjoying some sweet treats or making some yourself. Learn more about the tradition of holiday cookies and some healthy alternatives! 


Holiday Cookies

Holiday cookies have been popular for hundreds of years, with recipes dating back to the 1790's in America and 1500 in Europe. Similar to how our baking equipment has advanced over the years, the ingredients that are used have changed as well. With the introduction of food coloring, preservatives and uptick in refined sugar, it's no wonder that it's hard to make healthy eating choices over the holidays! 

By making ingredient substitutions with natural sweetners and incorporating unique spices, it's easy to revisit old traditions with these delicious recipes. And when you make your family traditions about cooking together - we've found we've learned more about each other than simply ordering from the bakery. See below for a few of our favorites.


1. Healthy Honey Oatmeal Cookies 

 Oatmeal gives these cookies a delicious, crunchy texture. Feel free to experiment by adding healthy toppings such as figs and currents!

2. Sugar - Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

By using honey and whole wheat flour instead of refined sugar, these chocolate chip cookies are a great sweet treat. 

3. Ginger - Molasses Cookies

Spiced gingersnap cookes are a staple during holiday parties and dessert time. Check out this unique ginger and molasses cookie recipe for a tasty, spicy treat.

4. Raw Gingerbread Cookies

Try your hand at a no bake version of a gingerbread cookie with this recipe, filled with spices, oats and dates! Note: While many raw food recipes do call for nuts, we at Red Rabbit have a nut and seed free kitchen, and do not use them in our baking. 


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