Health and Safety at Red Rabbit During COVID19

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Safety is on all of our minds right now more than ever! So, we wanted to break down what we are doing to ensure that everyone entering, eating food from, and associated with the Red Rabbit kitchen is as safe as possible! Below, I interviewed our Food Safety Manager, Liz, for some details on what we are focusong on, and what health and safety measures we are adopting in our kitchen.

What are Red Rabbit’s priorities when it comes to safety during the COVID19 pandemic?

Primarily, we are focused on maintaining our current food safety standards to ensure that we minimize risk, as per usual. But right now,  the safety of our staff is top priority as well - both at work and on their way to and from work. 

What are some of the key safety measures that the Red Rabbit kitchen has adopted during COVID19? Food production? Cleaning and sanitizing?

At the Red Rabbit kitchen, it is pertinent to the general safety of the entire kitchen that we adhere to social distancing guidelines and take the individual safety of each employee extremely seriously. So we have implemented key measures to ensure that employees are as safe as possible for themselves, and for each other. These measures include: 

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  • Masks for all employees at all times.
  • Increased surface disinfecting.
  • Reinforced handwashing policy, with mandatory downtime to wash hands and clean stations.
  • Temperature check at the start of each day when entering the kitchen.
  • Increased paid time off for anyone who is sick.
  • Social distancing - 6 feet intervals (or more) between all workspaces.

Red Rabbit has been very focused on making sure our employees feel safe to come to work every day. What have we been doing to ensure their health and safety?

Because we need our dedicated employees more than ever right now, it is a priority of us to take responsibility to get them to work safely every day, and take care of our employees as much as we can. To do this, we have implemented:

  • Coordinated transportation through commuter routes and ride services to avoid public transit.
  • Provided employees with kits that include masks, gloves, alcohol wipes for people for commute to/from work.
  • Individual family meal daily.
  • Other fun morale boosters to create a positive work environment.

How has Red Rabbit innovated our safety procedures since the start of the pandemic through today?

We know that even as the pandemic started, safety guidelines are continuing to change and innovate as the pandemic has worsened, and experts have better understand how to keep us safe. Red Rabbit is responding to these changes by:safety image 3

  • Adjusting to what the new best practices are as scientific advice changes.
  • Shifting practices as we see what works for our team. (For example, we have more recently introduced staggered schedules to minimize risk of congregating during breaks, lunch, and intake.)
  • Requesting and utilizing feedback from the team on the safety process and controls.

What do you see as the most important aspects of personal health and safety for the team right now?

We have been utilizing the Hierarchy of Controls as a guide for determining the most important aspects of health and safety. We are really trying to eliminate the potential for COVID contamination or spread through managed shifts and locations, social distancing, personal hygiene, etc., and then layering on lower levels of controls, like personal protective equipment (PPE).

However, while physical health and safety is of grave concern right now, we are also taking the mental health of our employees very seriously. We want to make sure that our employees feel safe, and know how valuable their work is. There is so much fear about COVID19 that work should not be added onto that. We are so lucky to have an amazing team of employees willing to come into the kitchen every day and prepare food for so many people in need. Keeping their physical, mental, and emotional health in mind is the least we can do to thank them for their hard work and dedication!

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