Easy Summer Gardening for Kids

You've probably noticed the Crabapple and Japanese Cherry trees coming to full bloom in your local gardens, during your commute, or from your neighbors porch. Us too!  For the last couple of weeks, we've tips-for-gardening-with-kidsbeen  getting our hands dirty in the garden. With warm weather comes fresh sprouts,  beautiful flowers, and our Education Team spending time getting kids of all ages acclimated to the garden. It's important for kids to understand how and where their food comes from so we encourage them to explore the "roots" of their food. There are several  fun activities that can easily be translated to inside your classroom or even in the comfort of your own home - check out some of our favorites below! 

Simple Greenhouse for Kids. Take two clear cups and turn one upside down, then simply add soil and seeds (baby carrots or bok choy are good seeds to use). Give your seeds a little bit of water - using spray bottles makes it easy for the kids to avoid spills or over watering! Secure with tape and then put in three small holes in the top. There you have it - your own simple little green house! Once the sprouts begin to grow a little you can repot into a real pot and let the kids continue to watch their plants grow. 

Understand Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables. Create a mystery box of fruit and vegetables tostadathat are harvested in the summer (berries, peaches, broccoli, radishes, chard, peppers). Show your kids the mystery box and allow them to feel what is inside the box. Encourage them to talk about the texture and size and  ask them to guess what is inside. Then, talk about why they are in season and ways in which you can eat these foods over the summer.  You can then take 1 or 2 of the ingredients to prepare a simple summer recipe. Try our Strawberry Rhubarb Salad with Mint or Terrific Tostadas!  

DIY  Wildflower Seed Bombs. All you need is construction paper, a food processor, wildflower seeds, and a silicone mold for these fun, colorful little planters.flower bomb

  • Start by tearing the construction paper into small pieces and keep them separated by color. (Tip: 2 pieces of construction paper make about 4 seed bombs).
  • Soak the paper in a bowl covered in water for 20 mins and then let water drain and blend paper in food processor. 
  • Once paper is blended, press the paper into the bottom of the silicone mod (cover the bottom)
  • Add a pinch of wildflower seeds to each mold (Tip: keep the seeds in the middle and away from the edges)
  • Add more of the paper on top of the seeds and press down to seal and cover the seeds - let  dry overnight. 
  • Once they are dry, gently pop out the of their silicone molds and watch grow! 

If you're interested in having our Education Team come into your classroom to incorporate gardening and cooking lesson plans please reach out to us directly at so we can take advantage of the summer harvest together! 

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