Fall favorites coming soon!

With Daylight Savings nearly a week away, we’re starting to notice the seasons changing - the crisp air (and apples) are leaving us craving hearty & warming meals. The Red Rabbit kitchen is embracing this transition with some of our most prized fall foods. 

Homemade Chicken Soup - veggie stock.jpgYou don't need to be feeling fluish to enjoy this comforting stew. We'll be sending ours along "deconstructed" to ensure that it's served at the perfect temperature. Although we typically do not recommend microwaving our meals, the best way to serve up this soup is to microwave our house-made stock and add the orzo & veggie goodies once heated. 

Cheesy Pink Tortillini - Our tortellini pasta is filled with mozzerella, and is freshly crafted and hand-made in New York City! Kids love having it as a refreshing and chilled pesto pasta. This season, we'll be sending hot tortellini pasta with a cheesy marinara sauce for a warm and cozy meal.  

Turkey & Gravy - We're thankful everyday for all of our partners and the kids that eat with us, so we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving all month long. Our take on the traditional Thanksgiving meal will include our Pulled Turkey, Homemade Gravy, & Sweet Potatoes. 

Seasonal Baked Goods - Have you visited the farmer’s market recently? If you have, we’re sure you’ve seen all the new squashes & apples that are in season now. You’ll see us cooking with pumpkin, zucchini, and apple cinnamon in our baked goods!

Show us how you use the fall harvest on Twitter and Instagram: @myredrabbit. Need recipe ideas? Try  one of our at home recipes like easy Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Vegetarian Pozole, and Sweet Potato Waffles

Let us know what your children think or any other cold weather comforts you'd like to see on our Menu Survey

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