New Fall Menu Highlights

We're back in the swing of things with some fresh, new menu items just in time for the kids to enjoy this coming fall. Our chefs worked all summer to come up with  fun and creative items to add  pizzazz to your menus. We love to know how the kids are enjoying new menu items and we're open to your feedback

Ricotta Cheese Ravioli -  For this new Italian inspired pasta dish, we combine creamy ricotta with Cheese-ravioli-with-tomato-basil-sauceravioli to make a  mouth watering pillow of goodness served with homemade tomato sauce. We source the ravioli locally in New York City and of course it's fresh, not frozen. Simple ingredients are the ones we know kids enjoy the most. Served hot, we expect this dish to go head to head with our Cauliflower Mac & Cheese for our most popular pasta dish.  

Blueberry Bagels - We're livening up our breakfast menu with a twist on the classic New York bagel.blueberry-bagel  Coming to a plate near you, we will be serving up bagels packed full of sweet blueberries. They will be served as per usual with cream cheese and fresh fruit. A little sweetness in the morning never hurt anybody and we think the kids will LOVE these given how much they like the plain ones!


Yellow Squash & Parsnips - We're always mixing up our roasted veggies, and soon you'll see yellow squashseasonally fresh yellow squash and parsnips accompanying your main lunch course. Yellow squash has been delicious for the last couple of weeks and we're taking advantage of that. As we move through the fall, parsnips come into season and will add a sweet, hearty component to the kids' plates. If you find the kids really enjoying both of these vegetables - you can share this recipe to try at home with their family: Butternut Squash Parsnip Baked Pasta.

Whole Grain Oat Bar - Granola bars are quick and easy and kids love them, so we made the 49b84bf1b381a34b_barsRed Rabbit version. In many of the store bought bars we find that there is far too much syrups and sweeteners. All we add is a little bit of honey and that's all it needs! You'll find this new bar on both our breakfast and snack menus. Don't worry, there are no nuts or seeds in these oat bars - our kitchen is 100% nut and seed free. 

Edamame - We've played around with edamame as part of our snack menu in the past but it is now being paired with some Asian influenced dishes like Asian Chicken Noodle Salad. The edamame will be served straight up - chilled (similar to our corn). If you want to use the veggie at home you can try making this yummy Edamame Dip recipe and pair it with some crunchy carrots or celery. 

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