COVID19 Activists Partners: Variety Boys and Girls Club in Queens

image6We wanted to give a shout out to one of our current partners that has committed to providing food to their community - Variety Boys and Girls Club!

Who are they? Variety Boys & Girls Club is the largest youth development organization in Queens, and a proud Red Rabbit partner for the past three years.  Located in Astoria, Queens, VBGCQ offers "children a safe haven to learn, play, and grow into tomorrow's leaders".

What are they doing? When the DOE mandated they close their doors in March, they approached Red Rabbit with the idea of continuing to serve meals to their families at three NYCHA sites closeby: Astoria, Ravenswood & Queensbridge. Over the past few weeks, Variety's staff have distributed thousands of meals, not only providing nourishment, but a continued connection with their community.

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How are they doing it? With their CACFP funding, they requested supper and snack, and set up a once-a-week distribution route operated by their staff. They wanted to minimize exposure by providing multiple meals in one drop, so we arranged for a weekly delivery of 5-meal packs.

Variety has worked hard to continue to provide food to their community, and we are so proud to be part of such an amazing effort!




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