COVID19 Activists Partners: Food Bank for New York City

fbnyc_retina_logoOne of our more recent emergency food relief partners is the Food Bank of New York City. Serving over 10,000 meals a week to 20+ sites all throughout the city, this partnership has allowed Red Rabbit to distribute meals in a way we never have before. We are so honored to share the work with this dedicated organization,  and are proud to be part of their anti-hunger efforts!

Who are they? For over 35 years, The Food Bank of New York City has made it their mission to end hunger and poverty throughout the five boroughs. As the city's largest anti-hunger organization, they employ a multi-pronged approach to the hunger and poverty crisis throughout the city. Not only do they participate heavily in food distribution with shelters and food banks, but they also offer other important services such as nutrition education and income support to needed populations. Additionally, they have a large member network and are active in local and state advocacy efforts to inform government decisions and spending on anti-hunger and poverty. They really do it all!

What are they doing? Recently, Food Bank has teamed up with Red Rabbit to help provide shelters and food distribution centers with ready-made meals. When the COVID-19 crisis hit, many sites that normally do on site cooking and feed people in a cafeteria setting were immediately impacted in how they can serve food to their community. Though some have been serving as food pantries, giving away staples and produce, and many closed their doors all together. This partnership has allowed many small food banks and shelters around the city either reopen as meal distribution centers or supplement their food pantry with fresh-chilled Red Rabbit meals. Many community-based organizations are also part of this partnership to further reach New Yorkers in need. We are delivering these meals to organizations and centers throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens, serving over 10,000 meals a week! Some of these sites include Part of the Solution in the Bronx, a local organization that has been working tirelessly to support their community during the pandemic; Cathedral Community Cares at St John the Divine Cathedral, a food pantry serving primarily homeless individuals and families; Coney Island Lighthouse Mission, who operate a soup kitchen and food distribution hub, and are using Red Rabbit meals to supplement their offerings;  and Hope Gardens Community Center, a site serving the NYCHA community it is located in. We have been so impressed by the incredible people we have been working with throughout this partnership, both at Food Bank and at the sites!

How are they doing it? Through a variety of public and private funding streams, Food Bank has been able to expand their reach throughout the pandemic in order to feel New York's most vulnerable populations impacted by the COVID19 crisis. A member of Feeding America, their programs have been bolstered by public funds directed to food banks both from the state and federal governments, and many generous donors have contributed to the cause as well, knowing the dire need to for public food assistance during these times. With the strict quarantine guidelines in place, Food Bank has had to get creative in the ways they feed people due to the loss of on-site cooking and the inability for people to gather in a cafeteria. A prime example of this is their partnership with Red Rabbit, delivering ready-made meals to over 20 of their city-wide partners. With the help of committed partner organizations and lots of hard work, Food Bank has positively impacted the lives of so many New Yorkers, and their dedication and passion for this cause is truly inspiring.

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