COVID19 Activists Partners: Coney Island Prep

Screenshot 2020-04-23 at 9.21.48 AMHere is spotlight of another one of our current partners - Coney Island Prep!  CIP not only been distributing meals at their school, but has been active in serving meals all throughout the surrounding neighborhoods to make sure their entire community has access to healthy meals!

Who are they? Founded in 2009, Coney Island Prep was the first Charter School in South Brooklyn, and the first to operate out of a public housing development. They serve an incredibly diverse community of students from a variety of surrounding neighborhoods, asking their students to dream big, work hard, and succeed in the college and career of his or her choice. 


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What are they doing? CIP started serving meals on March 16th out of their high school location, and has handed out meals there everyday since. Speaking to their families as this crisis extended, they realized a need to serve their students closer to their homes as well. In collaboration with Red Rabbit, they identified three locations within South Brooklyn, and sponsored a mobile route. They partnered with their NYCHA Community Board leaders at the Sheepshead & Marlboro Houses, and added an additional stop at Kaiser Park, serving the area near Gravesend and Surfside Houses. Starting just 3 weeks ago, they've seen demand double with every week of operation, now serving almost 2,000 meals a week.


How are they doing it? The amazing staff at Coney Island Prep leapt into action on day one of the shut down, and quickly applied for the Seamless Summer Option (SSO) on their SFA (School Food Authority). They were approved to start distributing meals in under 24 hours. They have applied for a handful of waivers since, keeping close tabs on NYSED's policy updates during the crisis, and are approved as an open site, using their reimbursement funds to serve any child who needs a meal in their neighborhood. 

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