COVID19 Activists Partners: Bold Charter School

We wanted to give a shout out and spotlight to one of our schools that has been distributing emergency meals since the start of the COVID19 pandemic, Bold Charter School. Bold's continued dedication to serving their families is inspiring. We are proud to partner with and work alongside of such an important leader serving the community.

Read more about what Bold has been doing, and if this model could work for your school!

Who are they? Bold Charter School was founded in SY 2019-20, with the mission of providing a world-class public school education that equips all students with the academic and character foundation to succeed in college and serve as the next generation of great leaders. The enthusiastic founding team launched their charter with a Kindergarten and First Grade class, and made supporting families a cornerstone of their mission. Their “Bold University Nights”, where they led workshops for parents on strategies to support learning from home, were setting the foundation for a COVID world before any of us had an inkling of the idea of “distance learning.”

2CBA5DAB-894F-439B-8392-8D0308A0D3B0remotedf3e5dd789ee73c59c673d6f053659374304bc8e-1-originalWhat are they doing? Even before schools shut down, Bold was preparing to safely provide food for their families. They landed on the idea of a week’s supply of meals, distributed once a week, in order to minimize travel times for their families. All meals were individualized, so that they could be eaten fresh or frozen for later in the week. The once-a-week touch point with their families also allowed for their staff to distribute academic tools & technology. They adjust their counts weekly, based on their families’ needs, making sure that they had an expected attendance, and were able to serve every family who might be facing any sort of food insecurity.


How are they doing it? Bold’s meals are sponsored through the National School Lunch Program, so when COVID hit, they were able to apply for a SSO (Seamless Summer Option) Waiver, and continue serving their kids with their reimbursement dollars. Their Principal and Executive Director distribute meals every week, a show of their continued commitment to their community. Bold’s meal-pack strategy is a fantastic model for an unpredictable fall. By supplying their families with a week’s worth of meals, they’ve eliminated the stress of food insecurity, allowing their families a bit of relief from the pressures of this current moment. If your school is interested in the idea of meal packs for fall, just give us a shout! We would be happy to help you customize a plan that works for this brave new world of blended learning. Supporting each other and our collective communities with nourishing food is our top priority.

If you want to learn more about Bold Charter School, please hop over to their website for a closer look or check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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