COVID19 Activist Partners: Emergency Relief Childcare Centers

When school and daycare closures were announced,  many of our brave partners offered to keep their doors open to ensure emergency workers could still provide relief to those who were serving our city. The engine of our city is the incredible hospital workers, delivery drivers, food servers, law enforcement, and MTA staff  and our childcare providers stepped up to help support them! Through the Board of Education, our partners applied to become emergency childcare sites specifically meant  for children of these essential workers called Regional Enrichment Centers. Many current and past Red Rabbit partners have become sites for this emergency care, or through other state run programs similar to this model, and we have been proud to serve them throughout this time. 

With 4 locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY Kids Clubs were the first DOE emergency childcare sites we began to serve in late March. We were previously serving the Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, and 94th St. locations, and added on the Tribeca location as the emergency care began. NY Kids Clubs have always been a great partner of Red Rabbit, and though service has changed drastically, we are proud they have continued to value Red Rabbit meals and partnered with us during this time.

Other emergency childcare centers who are currently serving Red Rabbit meals to kids include: Circle Triangle Daycare (Gravesensend, Brooklyn), St Jemuel Group Family Daycare (Kingsbridge,  Bronx), Heaven's Tiny Tots (Harlem, Manhattan), and The Goddard School (Murray Hill, Manhattan). All of these partners were receiving Red Rabbit meal service prior to the pandemic, and leapt into action to reopen for essential workers. Not all of them are run directly through the NYC DOE, as these emergency sites are also run through the state. But each has been an incredible resource for families around NYC!

In addition to school partners that we were previously serving, we also have a few current partners that were not currently using Red Rabbit for meal service, but reached out to us for help as they were re-opening their daycares for emergency childcare. Manhattan Schoolhouse (Upper East Side, Manhattan) and Little Friends Sunnyside (Sunnyside, Queens) have been serving Red Rabbit meals to their kids since the start of the pandemic. We are so happy to serve these centers!

All in all, we want to thank all of our daycare centers that have re-opened their doors to provide necessary childcare for essential workers throughout NYC. If you or someone you know are back to work, please consider one of these incredible organizations as your choice of childcare. Their hard work and generosity should be celebrated now and always!

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