Veggie of the Month: Beets

Eat your beets! 

With their jewel red tones and earthy flavor, beets are one of the most dazzling colored root vegetables. Beautiful and nutritious, with a natural sweet taste, beets are a wonderful complement to a child's well-rounded menu. Plus, when mixed into foods, beets can turn any dish into a brilliant pink color that's fun to eat.

Check out these creative ways to sneak beets into your family's menu. 



Beet Resources for parents and teachers

Resources for the Classroom 


Print the Red Rabbit Beet Plant poster to be displayed in the classroom








Crafting Inspiration


Create Beet Stamp Art with your students in the classroom!










Download this fun coloring worksheet on our favorite winter veggie of the month 







Beet Hummus 

By simply incorporating fresh beets, whip up a colorful and delicious  variety of winter hummus! Our version at Red Rabbit is sans tahini (it's made of sesame seeds) but feel free to play around with yours.





Beet Chips  

Try making your favorite vegetable chips with fresh beets for a colorful and cripsy snack.




Beet Orange Gummies 


Make these yummy snacks with your children as a festivie and sweet treat for the holidays! 




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