Beat the Winter Blues

Kids in Snow.jpgHave you or your kids been feeling a bit grouchy recently? This time of the year is famous for the flu season, but also for the “blue” season. The shortest day of the year has only just passed, so it will take our bodies some time to adjust for the missing sunlight. No need to worry, though! We have you covered with some ways to cheer up during these darker days.

Throw on your favorite tunes. Music has been shown to increase positive feelings for most, even if the song is a little slower. Draw straws for who gets to play DJ or have everyone pick a song and make a family playlist!

Get moving. Exercise of any sort gets the blood flowing and mood boosting. Take a walk, practice some yoga inside, or head to your local recreation center for some cold weather fun.

Throw an indoor picnic. Just because the weather outside doesn’t call for a picnic doesn’t mean you can’t sit on the floor to enjoy a meal. Spread out your favorite cozy blanket, gather lots of pillows, and make your favorite picnic foods. Check out our recipes for some kid friendly ideas.

Go outside. When it’s cold out, we tend to hibernate and stay inside but the colder weather can actually help you wake up from your drowsy days and energize you. If there’s snow outside, be an artist and fill up bottles with food coloring mixed with water. Spray or drizzle it onto the snow for a colorful creation.

Eat your rainbow. It can be tempting to stray away from veggies and load up on artificial sweeteners during these gloomy days. Keeping a colorful diet with natural sugars (like honey and fruit) helps to stop quick sugar highs with energy crashes.

Have other ideas on how to keep a sunny attitude even when there is minimal sunlight? Let us know in the comments below!

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