5 Ways to Kick Off the New Year

The New Year and winter holidays bring a time for reflection and relaxation, filled with presents, delicious food and New Years resolutions. While developing healthy eating habits are important regardless of the time of year, we at Red Rabbit are excited to seize the opportunity to start the year off on a healthy foot! 

Here are some tips for a healthy new year! 


1. Spice Things Up

Spices are a delicious way to add spice and flavoring to your home cooking in lieu of salt and sugar, but did you know that plenty of spices are powerful health boosters? Take tumeric, for example, which helps with digestion and inflammation, with its powerful active ingedient, curcumin! Ginger can also help in fighting a cold, relieving headaches, and improving digestion, and can be incorporated in a wide variety of recipies. 

2. Cook with the Kids at Home

One of the best parts of the holidays is the time that we can spend in the kitchen with our loved ones in the kitchen while cooking up a delicious meal. Kick off the new year by opting to make healthy, homemade meals instead of the usual takeout! You may even save a few dollars

By making meals at home, you and your family can learn how to maintain a food budget, plan and shop for meals for the week, and spend more time together!

3. Kickoff Meatless Mondays

With a meat-focused culture, it's easy to think that a meal won't be complete without a main entree of meat. However, there are plenty of ingredients that are both protein-rich and meat-free, whether it is for a Meatless Monday dinner or trying out a new vegetarian diet!

4. Beware of Added Sugar!

One of the principles of Red Rabbit's cooking is avoiding added sugars with our cooking. From sugar-laden drinks like soda and juice to processed and canned foods like tomato sauce, sugar can be hidden in many parts of your meals. Kick off the new year by focusing on natural sugars like honey and fresh fruit!

5. Soak Up the Sun

With the shorter days and chilly wind, it's easy to stay indoors for the majority of the day and opt for indoor activities. However, many New Yorkers have a Vitamin D deficiency, which can lead to a weaked immune system, fatigue and seasonal depression. By spending time outdoors and considering taking Vitamin D supplements, you can help stave off the "winter blues" and maintain your Vitamin D needs!


Feel free to share with us your healthy eating habits to ring in the New Year! 

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