5 Tips for a Healthy Start to the School Year

The summer season is winding down and parents and educators are getting ready for Back-to-School season. Here at Red Rabbit, we make sure that our kids are healthy everyday by providing them with nutritious foods made with whole, fresh ingredients everyday. Keeping your children healthy at the start of a new school year doesn't have to be difficult. Check out these 5 simple tips to start the school year right.

1. Stock Up On Healthy Foods

Healthy Food

Making sure your children have access to healthy snack options will keep their brains and bodies fueled to succeed in school. Even kids that don't get Red Rabbit daily meals can eat in a healthy way with just a little bit of mindfulness and preparation.

Keeping easy snacks on hand, such as cut up peppers, carrots, and fresh fruits make t easy to grab for a healthier option and builds habits that will benefit their performance inside and outside of school.

2. Establish A Sleep Routine

Sleep Routine

Creating a consistent bedtime routine that allows children to get plenty of sleep is essential for them to do well in school. Their focus, creativity, and ability to retain information relies on a full night of sleep. The National Sleep Foundationrecommends that preschoolers get 11-13 hours and children ages 6-13 sleep 9-11 hours each night.

3. Check In With Your Child’s Doctors

Child Doctors

It’s important to schedule a yearly physical, including vaccinations and a vision examination before the beginning of the school year. Teaching your child hygiene habits, such as hand-washing before meals and brushing and flossing their teeth will help protect them from germs while teaching them best practices around personal hygiene.

4. Stay Active!

Stay Active

Find three or more 30 minute periods throughout the week that you can be active with your child. Take a walk, go to a local park, and enjoy the outdoors this fall.

And remember that even though the sun isn't as strong in early fall, it's still important for your child to wear sunscreen.

5. Beware Of The Backpack

Beware of Back Pack

Many school children carry heavy backpacks that can damage their spine and posture for years to come.

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeonsrecommends that a backpack not exceed 20% of a child’s weight. Make sure your child's backpack has two straps – or better yet, get one with wheels to alleviate heavy lifting.

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