Top 5 Kitchen Tools for Kids

Using kitchen tools to transform foods into a meal can make cooking even more exciting for children. Red Rabbit relies on these high-quality, kid-friendly tools to create safe, fun-filled, educational cooking environments for our students.

Kitchen Tools
  • Curious Chef Knives. We couldn’t do our programs without these invaluable knives. They are safe and effective, and enable children as young as 3 years old to participate in chopping food and begin developing chef knife skills. Curious Chef makes an abundance of other wonderful kid-friendly cooking products, such as measuring cups and splash-proof mixing bowls, all in vibrant colors and intelligent designs.

  • Oxo Salad Spinner. A simple pump motion makes your bowl of lettuce or leafy greens dry instantly, while bringing amazement to little eyes! Plus, the Good Grip technology makes this tool ideal for children’s little hands! Having a salad spinner will make you (and your child) want to make salad all of the time--it’s just that fun.

  • Ikea Juicers & Graters. Juicing and grating improve children’s motor skills as they practice holding the tools still and squeezing or shredding. The design of these juicers make it easy for children to use as they sit flat and catch seeds, and the grater design is more accessible for children than the more common standing model. Plus, the grater catches all of the shreddings inside, making children feel proud to see the fruits of their labor!

  • JosephJoseph Silicon Brush. It’s like art class in the kitchen! Kids will find it silly and fun to use a paintbrush to brush oil onto veggies or bread. Joseph Joseph makes beautiful, high quality products whose colors will make the kitchen fun for anyone, young or old!

  • Zyliss Julienne Peeler. At Red Rabbit, we love getting creative with our veggies, so we dig the Zyliss Julienne Peeler that makes it easy to turn some of our favorites into noodles. For younger children, hold their hands to guide them through peeling, and watch their amazement as regular vegetables transform into squiggly noodles! Great for zucchinis, carrots and cucumbers.


We encourage every household to encourage their children’s healthy relationships with food from a young age by including them in meal preparation. Younger generations are increasingly losing touch with how food is made and missing out on culinary skill development. But we can change this by using their hands to accomplish small tasks in the kitchen that will make a big difference in their lives. So pick up your child, grab a whisk, and get cooking!

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