Red Rabbit Spotlight: NYCCD!

This week the spotlight is on the New York Center for Child Development (NYCCD), one of Red Rabbit’s veg-tastic school partners!


During this spring semester, Red Rabbit and NYCCD joined forces to bring an extra dose of food and garden education to the school’s UPK classroom. Red Rabbit visited Ms. Lizzy’s and Ms. Patricia’s classroom each month to speak about certain foods featured that day on the Red Rabbit lunch menu. Students pretended to be a growing plant and learned what plants need to grow into the food we eat every day. They used all of their senses to explore many vegetables that they had never seen before or were hesitant to try. Red Rabbit introduced that day’s menu by displaying what a balanced food plate looks like. The class learned that a food they thought they didn’t like may be enjoyable after giving it a chance!

NYCCD students enjoying their Red Rabbit mixed greens salad! NYCCD STUDENTS ENJOYING THEIR RED RABBIT MIXED GREENS SALAD!

Simultaneously, Ms. Lizzy and Ms. Patricia incorporated garden and food education into their everyday classroom curriculum. Ms. Lizzy and Ms. Patricia always emphasized that a healthy, balanced meal helps us grow and called this idea of food as energy “growing food.” The students were very excited to learn about and see how plants grow in their very own roof-top garden at NYCCD.

NYCCD students

Using one of our favorite root vegetables as an example, the students learned that carrots are sweet and it’s fun to hear the loud “crunch” when taking a bite. One student said about this fun orange veggie, “Carrots help you see your friends better!”

One impressive trick we witnessed being used to encourage the students to try carrots: Ms. Lizzy pretended she was applying carrot “lipstick,” then licking her lips to get a taste of the flavor. The students were thrilled with this idea and started to apply “lipstick” with carrots and other vegetables.

Do you have any tips or tricks to get your child or students to try new veggies? Please share them with us - we'd love to hear it!

Kristin Hurley, Red Rabbit Account Specialist and Education Liaison

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