Day in the Life of Red Rabbit: Meet Chef Marisa!


This week we are proud to feature our Red Rabbit family, our very own Chef Marisa Wiker! Chef Marisa is one of our many talented cooks here at Red Rabbit. We sat down with Chef Marisa to find out a little bit more about how she became a chef, what she loves to cook, and her mother’s rule of thumb at meal time.

How did you become a chef?

I started cooking for myself, my roommates and my friends. One of my friends, who knew I was unhappy in my office job, was opening a restaurant as the executive chef and needed a sous chef. He asked me to come with him and taught me how to prep, cook, and run the line. It was a great experience that gave me a solid foundation of culinary skills.

What does your typical day look like at RR?

The day before a lunch delivery, we prepare all the foods to be sent out for the next day, but leave the cooking for the day of service. For example, today we would wash, cut and season broccoli and cauliflower, and tomorrow we would cook it and send it to the schools with their main course, side and fruit. After our day’s lunches leave Red Rabbit, we begin prepping for the next day’s service.

What is your favorite dish to cook at RR?

Red Rabbit Turkey Chili.

What is your favorite dish to cook at home?   

Scrambled eggs with veggies from the Farmer’s Market (especially mushrooms!).

What do you enjoy about working with Red Rabbit?


The people at Red Rabbit are a lively bunch that keep you on your toes and keep your day moving - and make me laugh a lot!

What is one food that you could not stand as a kid, but grew to love?

My mother would serve us broccoli raab, which I did not like. But she insisted that I try it each time and eventually I grew to like broccoli raab. My mother’s rule was all food must be tried at each meal. This encouraged a wide variety of flavors to expand my taste buds.

Do you have any tips for getting kids to try new foods?

I think incorporating kids into the process is super helpful - grocery shopping, chopping, grating, etc., are all things that kids seem eager to do, and it basically guarantees that they will try whatever they helped to make.

What is your favorite low-budget meal to cook?

Vegetarian Surprise! I base it in a high protein grain (like quinoa or spelt berries) and adjust the seasoning based on what veggies I have on hand or can find in season.

Back to cooking, and bon appetit!

Kristin Hurley, Red Rabbit Account Specialist /Education Liaison

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