Employee Spotlight: Jonathan Vargas

Here at Red Rabbit, one of the most important jobs is delivering made from scratch food from our Harlem kitchen to our partners across New York City. That's where Jonathan Vargas comes in. Navigating the chaotic streets and highways of NYC late at night or at the break of dawn, Jonathan always arrives at his schools with a big smile on his face. Read on to hear why this Red Rabbit team member of over three years loves his job in this month's employee spotlight.


Can you tell us more about your role at Red Rabbit?

I'm a Program Field Representative, meaning I take food prepared at the Red Rabbit kitchen to schools across the city. I also work in vehicle maintenance, help with inventory, and assist our Field Representative Team Leader.

Wow! You're a busy guy. What is your favorite part about working at Red Rabbit?

Well, there are two things that make me love coming to work. First, working with the team here is one of the best parts of being at Red Rabbit. Our operation has a lot of moving parts-- feeding thousands of kids fresh food every day isn't easy. Nothing feels better than all working hard together and reaching that goal each day.

Then there are the schools. I love going out on my routes and building relationships with kitchen staff, teachers, admin, and kids!

Do you have a favorite Red Rabbit memory?

The first time I made a delivery to a school and the kids said, "Thanks Jonathan!" I was stunned that they knew my name and so appreciative of the opportunity I have to serve them healthy food. That was one of my best days on the job.

And what is your favorite Red Rabbit dish?

The Lasagna, hands down.

And finally, any big recent news in your home life *wink wink*?

I guess the biggest and best news in my life right now is that two weeks ago I welcomed twins into my family- one girl and one boy.

Congratulations Jonathan and thank you for everything you do!

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