Curious Food of the Week: Starfruit!

Howdy, Red Rabbit Friends and Partners!

Whew, it sure is hot out! At Red Rabbit, we like to eat a lot of fruit to provide a quick nutritious sweet treat, as well as some relief from this classic July heat!

Every week, our Education Team likes to feature a curious food for our offices to try, and this time were excited about the star fruit.

Star fruit gets its name from the shape it naturally forms when it is cut. It is native to Southwest Asia but is now grown in Hawaii, the Caribbean, Central America, and other parts of South America and Asia. It has a sweet and sour taste with a crisp texture. Not only does this fruit taste great, it also has a host of medicinal benefits. It has been used to treat coughs in children and to help with lactation.

Fun Fact: Star fruit juice can remove stains from linen and can even be used to shine brass. It has often been used as a home remedy to treat hangovers and sunburns, making it the perfect summer food!

How is it good for me? Like most citrus fruits, star fruit is extremely high in Vitamin C. It can also reduce inflammation and act as an analgesic, diuretic and antimicrobial agent. This low-calorie fruit also provides dietary fiber to aid in digestion and copper, a vital mineral. It has also been said to help fight diabetes. However, due to certain properties of star fruit, it is not recommended for people with kidney problems.

How can we use them? Star fruit is delicious raw on a hot summer’s day. It can also be added to fruit salads, smoothies, baked goods or used as a garnish for meals.

How do I buy them? Look for star fruits that are brightly colored, a little soft, and a little flexible, but with brown ridges. The more yellow the skin is, the sweeter it will be. Avoid overly crisp fruits.

Have a deliciously healthy weekend!

The Red Rabbit Team


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